From rushs repair to complex compositing, give the postprod a go !

A boom in the shot, a multicam to balance, some lighting to correct, we can fix it in post. Nowadays, techniques of post production offer much more than retouching and can bring a significant added value to many projects. Infography and motion design spices up presentations, compositing offers new perspectives and advanced grading let the rushes shine on.

Now accessible to every production, post work is a powerful too to up the production value of smaller projects and bring the cost of bigger ones down.


Editing & multicam

Pre-processing, rushs synchronisation and multicam setup
Edit and simple grade with Adobe Premiere


Advanced color grading

Tracking, rotoscoping, masking and advanced techniques
Conforming to a global esthetic from moodboards


Compositing & VFX

Chromakeys, 3d tracking, insert and remove, virtual camera
Guidance and follow through from preprod if needed


Animation & motion design

Motion design, infography et dynamic typography
2D animation from rasters or vector graphics

Vfx reel
motion graphics

interactive grading example 1

EtalMulti thumb

interactive grading example 3

interactive grading example 5