Our equipment and expertise at the service of your productions

Adapting the cinematic means of shooting to smaller project is our obsession. For years we've been developping and field testing light equipements, operated by small crews, allowing to create camera moves behind the reach of small sized productions.

We can advise you and provide you with the equipement and the skilled operator(s) needed to make your project work.

Mastering the whole production chain from the conception to the exploitation of the equipement, we can adapt our technical solutions to your needs or tailor brand new ones. Don't hesitate to contact us for any particular need or technical info.


Remote heads

Three types of remote heads can be used on our equipment, providing maximum flexibility

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Each one include a stabilizer with 3 axis radio-controlled camera angles and wireless video transmission.

The DSLR head come equipped with Sony mirrorless (Nex 5N ou a6500) which can use differents lenses. Focus and zoom are remote controlled.

SLR video head

The action cam head include a small 4K camera for quick and efficient implementation.

Action cam video head

At least, a stereoscopic head uses two HD action cams to capture in stereoscopic 3D.

Stereoscopic video head

Discover all the specifications of the video heads here : datasheet



Aerial video at it's simplest thanks to a dedicated operator.

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For your challenging aerial shoots, we provide you a skilled drone pilot certified by the french general aviation organization (DGAC) and the video equipment needed to perform a tandem shoot. The video operator can be chosen amongst your team (some training may be needed) or appointed by us.

Aerial photography at it's simplest

Shooting in France : Due to ever changing regulations from french DGAC, we no longer maintain a full fleet up to legal standards. We prefer to rent a machine locally. Some authorizations are needed in order to shoot commercially, even over private land and property. So if you are planning an aerial shoot in France, please contact us in advance.

Shooting abroad : in most countries, no specific accreditation is required for the machine itself. In these case, we will be happy to provide you with our drones. They are designed to withstand adverse wind and to maintain their handling abilities in difficult conditions.




Jib / cranes

Drone-like camera moves, without the hassle.

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Jibs are not subject to reglementation or weather, does not invalidate sound recording and can come very close to the talent.

Clapper jib

We offer two types of jibs : one of varying length from 103 to 250 cm and one fixed at 4m50.

Short jib

Both can be oriented horizontally at 360° and vertically at 180°, can be used inside or outside and only need one to two operator(s). They can also be fitted on a vehicule or a boat.

jib on boat



A dolly on rail entirely remote controlled, compact and easy to carry.

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Thanks to remote controlled video heads, the operator doesn't have to be glued to the camera, allowing for a considerably lighter dolly and rail system. The operator stays however in control of camera angles, zoom and focus.


This dolly can travel in fluid and reproductibles straight lines, up to 5 meters long.

Dolly head

The travelling can be manual or motorized and is operated by one or two people.

This remote operated suspended rig offers a unique dynamic point of view.

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This equipment still being in testing phase, it can be used under certains conditions. Please contact us for more information.

350x197 PLAY cablecam


Hand held gimbal

The famous stabilizer, hand-operated or from a vehicle.

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True swiss army knife of dynamic shooting, the gimbal can make his way around small sets for maximum flexibility when space is limited.

SLR video head

Using a 3-axis stabiliser, our gimbals can be equipped with an a6500 which autofocus capabilities allow for shallow depth of field without focus puller (depending on set conditions).