For a web-oriented, daring and efficient communication.

Experienced in works of fiction, we use narrative methods and cinematographic techniques to immerge the audience into a universe specific to your brand. To touch rather than to inform is our motto.

The ever growing need for commercial videos are dragging down the budgets allocated per project, which is why we consider of the utmost importance to defend a demanding yet efficient video production workflow, putting the budget to good use. We offer a range of solutions accessible to every business willing to develop a communication with character.



Varying in length to fit its distribution medium, the commercial video aim at the audience perceptions to engage it emotionnally with your product. Rather than describing it's specifications, a commmercial immerge the audience into the product's universe.

Embracing a global esthetic fit to the product, the commercial stage it in an idealized context, easily identifiable by the customer.
[Starting from €1400]

embedded video

Embedded videos

Embedded on a website or displayed on screen in stores or trade shows, theses short videos without sound meet very specific requirements. Using a custom format, they need to stay readable at the chosen resolution, draw attention from passer-by and make sense at any moment of the playback.

We can offer different technical solutions to setup a projection rig, temporary or permanent.
[Starting from €800]


Corporate films

Instead of focusing on a product, a corporate film bring your entire businesses vision to the screen, using interviews, footage from your business and it's activities, motion design presentation and / or all means needed.

Useful for presentations to partners, exceptional summaries or to report on an event, corporate films are entirely customisable depending on the required format.
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Events & infomercials

Because it can sometimes be preferable to describe your activity in it's daily reality, we also offer documentary-styled infomercials which narrate an event or a moment in your business life, shot on location, unstaged.

Ideal to report on a professional event, describe a training course or be used as training material, the infomercial is aimed towards partners and collaborators willing to discover your work environnement.
[Starting from €2600]

Embbeded videos
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