A sensitive but essential tool for distribution

Being part of a preceding artistical process, music videos have to showcase the group's work while maintaining it's artistical specificities. That's why we strive to establish together a coherent vision of the project beforehands.

To develop the visual identity of the group or to bring on the project's own personnality, we offer solutions tailored to any budget.


Live music video

A live music video present one song played in live conditions, simply staged and synced to a recording.

A simple and elegant way to show the group in its best light.
[Starting from €1400]


Music video

Complete short film written around a song, a music video immerse the audience in the group's universe through a story or a visual backdrop.

The writing can use previously existing concepts or be born from a blank page.
[Starting from €3200]


Electronic Press Kit (EPK)

Including interviews and excerpts from live or staged events, the EPK shows schedulers an overview of a global artistic project.

More didactic but less versatile than a music video, this film is specifically directed toward a professional audience.
[Starting from €1200]



Very short in lenght (< 1 min)  to fit social media standards, the teaser unveil only a glimpse of the group to arouse the audience's curiosity.

Using one or more sequences specifically staged, the teaser is ideal to announce an event.
[Starting from €650 for one or two teasers]

Tambor y Canto EPK
Ensemble Ithaque live music video
Duo Montanaro music video
Enco de Botte music video
Expérience Battle teaser
Nova Troba live music video
Experience Battle EPK
Experience Battle Richard teaser